Bankruptcy Attorney in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorney who helps to give you a fresh financial start

The Law Office of Gregg R. Wexler, P.A. is a debt-relief agency helping individuals and small businesses file for debt-relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Mr. Wexler's goal is to help you move past your financial difficulties as soon as possible. He helps stop harassing creditor calls and helps you regain control of your life.

As a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer in West Palm Beach, Mr. Wexler safeguards you through the bankruptcy process from start to finish and helps to determine which route is best for you Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy personal liquidation

Chapter 7 is a fresh start for individuals, partnerships, and corporations with no hope for repairing their financial situation. It is the most common form of bankruptcy and involves a liquidation of personal assets, where most or all of your assets are sold and the proceeds distributed to your creditors. This type of proceeding helps people who have high, unsecured debts, such as credit card or medical bills. Some assets like your car and home can be declared exempt.

You must pass a means test for Chapter 7. This means test is a set of formulas used to determine if one has the ability to pay debts. If the test determines you are able to pay, you cannot file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Mr. Wexler determines if Chapter 7 is the best solution for you and helps you through the filing process from start to finish.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy personal reorganization

Chapter 13 is especially helpful for those who have significant equity in a home or other property and want to keep it. The government designed it for individuals with a regular income who want to pay off their debts but are unable to do so according to the terms demanded by creditors. Our bankruptcy law firm can propose a repayment plan to the court to pay creditors over three to five years.

The West Palm Beach bankruptcy attorney you can depend on

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